Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My elderly cat

Busker is 20 years old.  I got him when he was 3, I think, when a friend said, "Can you keep him until I'm settled in Manhattan?"    I like to send her dead-beat parent cards all the time.  For her wedding about 7 years ago, I gave her painting I did of Busker. 

Do I love this cat.  I have never met anybody so good-natured in my whole life.  Easy going, chill, happy to be in the world.  Comes when he's called.  Plays with yarn. Fetches.  Talks allll the time.  Never gets mad.  And does he ever like me. It's just the mutual adoration society around here!  My other cat, who died at 17, loved my husband, preferred men to women in general, and always had such a put-upon look about him.  It was hilarious.  He was exquisite.  It's just so interesting to be the one chosen by a feline.  We are very close, I like to tell people.  Busker and I: inseparable.

And then last week: I thought he was dying.  He stopped eating and he stopped coming upstairs from the basement.  I would go down and visit him, sometimes taking him outside for some sunshine, where I could cry in peace.  Busker is dying, I kept telling David.  Yes, he's a bag of bones, David would reply.  It was terrible.  I thought I'd get through the Easter weekend and call the vet, just to see if we could do anything for him.

And then, he came upstairs, meowing.  He sat next to me on the couch and faced me with the  biggest line of snot you ever did see.  I wiped it off and just stared at him.  I think he had a bad cold.  I was sick all week too. We might've had the same thing.  He then had some dinner. Came back, purred, and hung out on the couch.

I want to keep him another ten years. It's terrible that we're all only on loan to one another.  I think I will bury him in the back yard, in a corner, with some flowers, when the time comes. 


  1. Oh wow, I'm so glad he has improved...this losing of loved ones because of life-span differences sucks...horribly. Loans should only happen that have mutual expiration dates. :-)

    I'm happy for you and for Busker.

  2. Thanks so much! Thanks for being my trusty comment maker too :). This blog is a great experience because of you.

  3. Your efforts are an inspiration and example for me...always...thank you for your advocacy and your writing...and I neglected to mention how astonishingly handsome Busker is. :-)

  4. No, it's you who is inspiring! (btw, this is exactly how busker and I talk to each other ;)

    He's not as handsome anymore. I will take a new pic, just to honor his new look.