Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From that Glossy Pamphlet on the web (www.farmissues.com)

The glossy pamphlet paints a picture of Canada working hard for its farm animals.  You want to believe it and then it completely eliminates gestation-stall pics, etc.  It jumps to farrowing crates and invokes the whole "caring for piglets" line.  How is it possible to work with these people when there's so much spin?  

The glossy pamphlet ends with this:  

"Animal Welfare or Animal Rights? 
Most people believe in animal welfare principles: humans have a right to use animals but also have  a responsibility to treat them humanely. Farmers and ranchers live by these principles. 

By contrast,  animal rights supporters don’t believe humans have a right to use animals — whether it’s for food,  clothing, entertainment or medical research. It can be confusing for the average person to sort out the many positions and groups involved with animal care or use issues. 

Activists of any kind are not usually interested in finding solutions, but prefer to focus on problems and dramatic examples to generate funds and support. 

As farmers, we’re not interested in fighting with activists. We are interested in advancing responsible  farm animal care. We’re the ones that are out there 365 days a year caring for the animals. We  support animal welfare research that generates real information, continue to improve our practices  and hope that public education efforts help shine a light on what we really do—and do not do!  If  you want to know more about how we care for farm animals, please ask us."

Condescending.  Really.  Animal-rights activists want farm animals to be free from the suffering we keep seeing them undergo, in transport, transport spills, gestation crates, etc.  This glossy pamphlet identifies one end of the rights spectrum.  

As activists, we're not interested in fighting with farmers.  We're interested in advancing responsible animal care and asking how that's possible when 10,000 locked-up pigs don't even have fire protection. 
We support investigations, democracy, and research that generate real information, as opposed to the information completely framed by meat production on a large scale.

If you want to know more about how and why we care about farm animals, please ask us.

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