Monday, November 2, 2009

Khanzir, the only pig in Afghanistan

OH my GOD! Here I was, minding my own business, and my colleague Michelle emails this picture of Khanzir, with the caption, "The only pig in Afghanistan."
I write back, "What is this? where is he?"
And she writes, "He's in a zoo."
Then I commence the googling. I'm supposed to be writing a paper on abortion in the 1840s and I'm googling Khanzir. He's so gorgeous--and lonely (and apparently plans are in place to get him a friend).
More on this later. According to my colleague, there were other pigs around until a swine-flu cull (as she suspects).
One more thing about my colleague (whom I adore). We actually made the time to eat lunch together today in her (clean) office (all my friends are clean and neat; I am alone in my messiness). And she says, "Look, it's a cabbage roll, which I used to make with pork but now it's vegetarian."

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